Ionic foot baths represent one of the most promising new treatments for the scourge of Lyme Disease, offering gentle palliative care that involves no harsh medications or painful procedures. They’re especially useful for those working through the painful detoxification process after the Lyme bacteria die back.

Some people are skeptical that a simple foot bath can relieve your body of Lyme-related toxins, and I’ve been there myself. But I can guarantee you that it does work, drawing out the poisons and thereby relieving the secondary symptoms of this nasty illness.

How Does It Work?

Basically, ionic treatment harnesses and accelerates your own body’s natural detoxification and healing process. Effective foot baths use metal electrodes to gently pulse negative ions through the water in which your feet rest, which draws the toxins out of pores in the bottom of your feet.

You just fill the ionic bath unit with water and turn on a timer; the session may last anywhere from 25-40 minutes. Amazingly, you can see the process work right before your eyes!

Depending on the toxins in your body, the water will turn color, transforming to anything from a milky white to a dark brown. This results from a mixture of metal ions from the electrodes, ions in the water, dead skin, oils, and dirt from your feet, and the Lyme toxins dumped into your bloodstream by Borrelia spirochetes.

In some cases, there may even be an associated smell (and we don’t mean stinky feet here). For example, if the subject is a smoker, the water may smell like tobacco smoke.

How Does It Feel?

First of all, remember that this is a gentle process! There’s no pain; in fact, it’s a lot like bathing your feet in a nice, hot spring (the heat helps open the pores). There may be a slight, pleasant tingling sensation, but beyond that, it’s a foot bath, with all the benefits thereof.

In addition to drawing out Lyme toxins, these foot baths can help relieve muscular tension and aches, joint pain, and inflammation. So they can make you feel better all the way around!

Are They Safe?

Yes, assuming you purchase the right machine. You can’t go cheap on one of these items, folks, because the inexpensive versions can be harmful. Some are no better than the cheap kind of foot baths you can buy for $30-40 to ease everyday aches in your feet — they don’t draw out toxins at all.

Not only will these cheesy knockoffs not do the job advertised, they can be dangerous. Instead of pulsing negative ions through the water, they can zap you with genuine electricity — something you don’t want to experience when you have your feet immersed in water.

What Do You Recommend?


ionic foot baths for Lyme Disease

The Aqua Chi foot bath units are rugged enough for everyday use.

I’m glad you asked! In our experience, the absolute best foot bath for ionic treatment of Lyme Disease is the Aqua Chi. This footbath is rugged enough for everyday use (which we recommend), is made and sold in North America, and comes with an eight-year history of positive, productive use.

It also comes with a unique five-year warranty and a money-back guarantee. Try to find that with any similar product!

No painful treatments. No drugs. This detox foot bath is simply top of the line… and you know that we must be convinced of it, since our goal here is to help people heal, not promote other people’s products. The truth is, the Aqua Chi will help you heal.

You can get cheaper ionic foot baths, but you’ll never find a better one.